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Apdares materiāli

Brick Tiles
Apdares ķieģeļi
Facing bricks
Grīdas pakāpieni terases flīzes
Floor tiles and stair steps
Industriālās flīzes
Industrial tiles
Klinkera bruģis
Ventilējamās fasādes piekaramās fasādes
Ventilated facades
Keramiskas palodzes un soliņi
Keramiskas palodzes un soliņi
Montāžas materiāli Šuvotaji Grunts Elastīgā līme
Jointing materials
Luksofori .

Diversity of materials

Are you planning or are already in the process of building or renovating your home, office or yard? In that case, you have come to the right site. We offer a wide selection of quality and diverse façade materials that are not available in other construction supply stores. Our specialists will consult you on the qualities and assembly approaches of façade materials, as well as help you compare the properties of various products. We can also offer samples, so that you can test that the materials to find the one most suitable in nature. What are these materials that we like so much?

Clinker façade

​This material is obtained via a special processing of clay that gives it unique qualities. We offer various clinker decoration materials supplied from European factories directly to your construction site. For example, in Germany and the Low Countries, burnt clay is used in building façades for centuries. Factories that manufacture construction decoration materials in clay - bricks, brick tiles, floor tiles and cobblestone - have accumulated a substantial and indispensable centuries long experience. Clinker house façades must serve for decades without requiring a repair, thus we offer materials only from highly experienced suppliers with top level quality control.

Clinker façade materials are often delivered within two weeks after placing an order. During winter, many factories offer price discounts thus it is recommended to purchase your decoration materials well in advance. In the cases of such materials as clinker, sometimes after burning the actual colour differs from the sample one. In this case, the specific batch is sold at a lower price.

Suspended façades

Suspended façade sheets is a more modern type of façade when compared to the classic clinker brick. Suspended (ventilated) façades are made from a variety of materials. These sheets may come in various forms and colors, as well as they can be made from a variety of materials, giving a vide variety of surface types to choose from.

The suspended façade is assembled with an air gap between itself and the façade bearing wall. Air circulates via the air gap thus keeping the bearing wall dry and in the meantime it acts as a heat insulator. Suspended façades come in diversity of colours and surface textures - able to satisfy even the most demanding of architects and designers. We offer various materials - suspended façades from an array of suppliers. Tempsi granito sheets, that we provide, are made from concrete-woodchip mixture with stone scrub surface in a variety of colours. Of course there are also rigid plastic siding materials from Viny that come in various colours and textures.

Surface decoration materials

Our store also has samples of German clinker (burnt clay) cobblestone, steps from frost resistant ceramic and floor tiles with a non-slip surface. Stroher series offer both indoor tiles and outdoor tiles, as well as stair steps with many small additional details allowing to create a uniform and complete design. Most floor tiles used in wet areas pose a threat, unless a special non-slip surface is applied on top of them. These kinds of surfaces are available on many of the tiles offered by Stroher.

Manufacturing premise floors are subject to a number of specific requirements. It is possible that in many places, these requirements can be satisfied with industrial floor tiles. For these tiles, the most important qualities are mechanic and chemical strength instead of design. Terrace tiles are another interesting decoration material which diversifies the landscapes of gardens and homes alike. These tiles are easy to assemble with no concreting required.

The German company Stroher offers a 25-year warranty for the frost resistance of its extruded outdoor tiles. Extruded means that the tiles have been manufactured with the use of a special technological process, which forms a capillary system with the tile material thus making it frost resistant. Surface materials such as clinker cobblestone provides a surface that endures centuries.

Decoration material samples

Decoration material samples are available in our office, located at Ūnijas street 6, Riga. Here you will be able to see and take with you brick, tile and step samples from four German and one Dutch factory, along with other decoration materials. Our selection of decoration material products is very broad, for example, we have brick tile samples for more than 100 varieties. This includes a large offer of aged clinker bricks and clinker tiles, that can give the building an aged or classical appearance. Our offer also includes filling materials in various colours that give further original appearance options for your projects.

Should you wish to insulate your house alongside with the construction of a clinker façade, we offer special heat insulation sheets with gluing grooves which both insulate the house and simplify the brick tile assembly. One of the ways to construct a brick tile façade is to use such ISOKLINKER sheets that feature heat insulation with built-in clinker tiles. Such decoration materials allow to speed up the pace of assembly works as well as to perform assembly during winter. We are ready to share the accumulated experience about the decoration material in our offer as well as assist you in determining the necessary quantity. We wish you a successful purchase and construction!

Piekaramo (ventilējamo) fasāžu paraugu telpa.

ABC-Klinkergruppe - German clinker ceramic manufacturer known for its products for almost 120 years. The offer includes bricks, brick tiles and cobblestone. Today, nine German factories operate under the name of ABC-Klinkergruppe. Factories use clay extracted in the north west of Germany and this type of clay is not found elsewhere in the world. This clay is of plastic consistence without impurities of salt and chalk thus allowing to manufacture high quality products.

Ceresit ir Henkel būvniecības produktu preču zīmols, kurš jau 20 gadus Baltijā piedāvā kvalitatīvu celtniecības ķīmiju. Taču paši Ceresit izstrādājumi pasaulē ir pazīstami jau vairāk nekā simts gadus. Nozares, ar kurām mēs esam kļuvuši pazīstami, pirmām kārtām ir flīžu līmes un šuvošanas materiāli, fasāžu javas un apmetumi, kā arī plašs produktu klāsts grīdām un hidroizolācijai. Gadiem ilgais produktu attīstīšanas darbs, augstākās kvalitātes prasības un pastāvīgā ražošanas kontrole mūsu klientiem ir garantējusi drošības sajūtu, ka Ceresit ir zīmols, kura izstrādājumiem var uzticēties.

Clinker is essentially burnt clay. Materials from the German factory Feldhaus Klinker Vertriebs GmbH offer decorative bricks, façade brick tiles and clinker cobblestone. The factory itself has a long history accumulated over 150 years in work with this unique material. The factory operates at a very high level of automation which allows compared to other high quality clinker decoration material factories offering a lower price point thus making the products of Feldhaus highly competitive.

Kompānija Florens ir ģimenes uzņēmums, dibināts 1986.gadā, Beļģijā, pilsētā Brehta. Floren pirms 50 gadiem uzsāka savu ražošanas modernizēšanu.  Patstāvīga  ražošanas modernizācija padarīja kompāniju konkerentspējīgu Eiropā un pacēla kompānija līdz mūsdienu Eiropas prasību līmenim. Uzņēmums  pastāvīgi investē vides  ekoloģija uzlabošanā , uzlabojot krāšņu  kvalitāti, kas ietekmē  produktu kvalitāti.

Manufactured in Italy. Offers exclusive ceramic panels, which are used in ventilated façades. Very beautiful and expressive material.

The German company Isoklinker GmbH manufactures facade decoration panels with a heat-insulation panel with the use of Feldhaus Klinker brick tiles. These façade materials employ a composite system - a combination of heat insulating sheet polyurethane with a 6mm quartz sand layer and pressed-in clinker brick tiles on the exterior. Special façade materials are available both the corners of the building as well as for decoration of windows, door apertures, columns, sills and similar areas.

Our office offers materials in around 80 different colours from the Nelissen factory in Belgium. Nelissen produces bricks and cut brick tiles and brick tile corners from these as necessary. Nelissen bricks and brick tiles are offered in the two following categories - aged bricks and aged brick tiles. Bricks are manufactured in a modern, automated factory that reassemble those manufactured centuries ago. The colour, surface and structure is amazingly similar to the walls of hundreds of years old bricks.

OLFRY ir uzņēmums kas atrodas  Vācijas pilsētā Вехта. OLFRY un no 1907 gadus nodarbojas ar klinkera ķieģeļu ražošana. OLFRY  ir ģimenes uzņēmums ar savām  tradīcijām, pieredzi un ģimenes vērtībām, kurš darbojas  vairāk kā 100 gadus. Māla ieguves ražotne kopā arī karjeriem   kopa ir apmēram 15 hektāri  un nedēļā tiek saražoti     945 000000 ķieģeļi . Ķieģeļi   ražošanas procesā tiek piesūcināti ar speciālu sastāvu   tādējādi novēršot  no ķieģeļu virsmas sāļu veidošanos . OLFRY piedāvājumā ir  vairāk kā 100 dažādu veidu ķieģeļi, flīžu  un bruģakmeņu,  ar plašu krāsu gammu.

Various bricks various colours sometimes you may have chosen the most appropriate solution for your idea, but then realise that the façade design still lacks that something. It is possible that classic seam filling materials in the grey cement colour are not for you. In that case, you will enjoy the German company STEBAH GmbH, which offers seam filling materials in 32 various colours.

The German factory - Ströher - has a wide array of façade brick tiles, floor tiles, terrace tiles and steps. When creating a design, you can select tiles from a single series both for indoors and outdoors. The pride of Ströher is the extruded, frost resistant outdoor tiles with a non-slippery surface. For industrial floor tile materials, the collection offers floor tiles with a non-slipper surface to be used in pools, production premises with a high load or with a acerbic or alkaline environment.

Manufactures suspended (ventilated) façade sheets from cement and wood fiber mixture. The surface is covered with a scrub of natural granite stone. Materials in 12 basic colours for a selection of façade or combination of colours by mixing them on a single façade surface. Us sheets for your house façade decoration as well as for plinth.

Ventilated (suspended) façade panels from highly resistant and long lasting synthetic composite materials. Assembly is possible in any time of the year. The top layer of the façade panel features a molten into natural granite stone scrub which provides the mechanical strength and reputable look for the wall of the building. A selection of 14 different colors allow selecting the most enjoyable façades. Vinylit GmbH offers a number of façade solutions such as VinyTherm,VinyStone, VinyPlus, VinyBrick, VinyTop.


"Modern façades employ a variety of materials - from plastic panels to cement and wood fibre mixture sheets, metal and glass panels are used as well. However, I personally feel, that there is noting better or more beautiful than the classic clay brick. The material captivates with its diversity and natural appearance. It embodies both modern opportunities in diversity of color and texture - as well as in the ability to create a sense of home, security, serenity and stability. It may be felt physically - this clinker clay brick is natural. It is in harmony with ourselves.  The feelings by this brick - regardless whether finished in bricks or in brick tiles - cannot be duplicated by any other material. It is as a historical memory - I am home once again."