Facing bricks

Longevity and frost resistance

These are qualities that characterize the most classic of all façade materials - the clay brick. Today, various decoration materials are used for decoration of house façades - both plastering, bricks and tiles up to suspended tiles of various materials. Clinker bricks create one of the most beautiful façades. A clinker façade looks well and does require repair for many decades after. It can be said that clinker bricks do not age and retain their charm throughout centuries. The brick is the most ancient and historically one of the most popular building wall materials in the world and has been used for nearly 6000 years. Bricks were used to build the Great Wall of China, the architectural monuments of Ancient Rome, St Peter's Church in Riga as well as many other historical buildings in various places in the world. As any classic value, brick houses stay always modern and architectonically attractive. If anything, their charm grows as time goes by. Bricks may be indeed listed among leaders of construction materials used worldwide due to their technical qualities and popularity. Construction bricks acquire their unique physical qualities, necessary strength as a unique, organic decoration material and the attractiveness of the special natural product via burning. Clay brick is an organically clean construction material which is produced only with the use of naturally occurring substances and thus it is an environment and people friendly material contributing to a healthy living environment. Clay bricks are non-allergic and at the same time resist the effect of micro organisms.

Decorative clinker bricks

Bricks tend to differ by the content of their material, manufacturing technology, their color and shape allow one to select the most appropriate for the work they have in mind. Decorative bricks are a very serious argument both in terms of the appearance as well as in value in the façade of the building. Façade clinker decorative bricks are characterized by longevity, frost resistance, as well as fire safety and persistence of shape and color. Decorative clinker façade bricks mix well in terms of type, shape and color. These bricks allow obtaining the perfect building façade appearance. Façade decorative bricks shall provide the building with a personality, while providing the viewer with a aesthetic pleasure both in a urban or rural setting. Decorative clinker bricks are supplied from the Feldhaus Clinker factories in Germany and Nelissen factories in Belgium. Our customers may accustom the façade of their home in line with one's desires both in terms of color as well as in terms of the texture. Orders for various custom shape bricks are accepted to create complex architectural forms. Durability of the material is the principal advantage of decorative brick façades when compared to other materials. Façade brick is perfect for decoration of external walls - it withstands wind, strong rain, hailstorm, snow and temperature fluctuations or even open fire, as well as of many other negative factors. Decorative brick shall safely protect the house and its load bearing structures. A correctly assembly brick façade shall retain its initially appearance even after many years have passed. Clinker bricks retain almost the same color and do not react to the effects of the external environment. As brick façades age - they provide additional elegance to the house as the time passes by. Thus, today we offer new "aged" façade bricks. Façade brick does not require additional treatment and it is not required to repaint or bleach it.

Decorative brick façades

​Decorative brick provides the house with a comfortable micro climate. First of all the bricks shall keep the premises warm and allow the for the air to circulate at the same time, thus preventing formation of mold. Over time, brick has maintained its solid appearance and at the same time it has been considered an elegant building material. In consideration of today's range of bricks, it is possible to find almost any tone, surface texture in order to obtain the desired façade style. Also various masonry styles allow creating a wide array of brick ornaments. Clinker decorative bricks are a relatively expensive façade decoration material. However, financial investments shall pay for themselves during use, due to the unique qualities of this type of façade that cannot be provided by any other decorative material. Façade decoration materials both provide the structure with a sense of value and solidness. In order to give a general idea as to how decorative bricks of various colors look in structures, you can use the Feldhaus Clinker customizer that can be found here.

Aged decorative bricks

Products by the Belgian company "Nelissen" are produced in line with the ancient brick production technologies and with the use of modern equipment and robots along with quality management and control systems. The factory has its own clay extraction quarries as well as the factory purchases clay of various colors in Germany and Belgium. Mixing of various colored clay for the acquisition of the necessary tone, forming, brick curing and burning is a complex process requiring a strict adherence to the technology and recipe. Brick curing and burning process is controlled with the manufacturing computer software which ensures a total control of the manufacturing process. Nelissen decorative facade bricks are a mix of clay and sand providing the aged products with a special structure. Brick surfaces are relatively coarse due to the presence of sand in the brick. Of course, the diversity of color in decorative bricks is larger than in the ancient times and it allows designers to create the most attractive color combinations. Decorative bricks may differ in terms of color within the framework of a single collection but each color is in strict proportion with others allowing to create the texture offered in the catalog. Of course during masonry, one must consider and carefully follow the color texture offered in the catalog. Should you wish to provide your interior or house façade with an ancient appearance, we suggest considering the aged bricks offered by the Belgian factory with more than century of experience in brick manufacturing.

Classic decorative bricks

The difference between the aged bricks offered by "Nelissen" and the classic ones can be felt merely by touching since "Nelissen" bricks have a higher sand content. "Feldhaus Klinker" line of classic decoration bricks do not contain sand. These bricks come either in a smooth or matte finish. As indicated by the name - buildings with this type of brick façade shall have a classic value - it means that years shall have no effect on its value and it shall not decrease over time. Classic façade bricks are widely used in new structures, but may be considered a classic construction material. Manufacturing of clinker bricks was first started in Netherlands in 19th Century. Dutch wished to reduce the use of hard-to-process and expensive stone materials. Currently the leading clinker brick manufacturing countries are Germany, Belgium and Netherlands. It is related to the fact that these regions are rich with clay suitable for manufacturing purposes as well as the experience accumulated over years in the production of burnt clay decorative bricks. The Latvian clay often has chalk impurities and thus it's not suitable for it to be used for the manufacturing of high quality clinker bricks.

Retro decorative brick series

German company "Feldhause Klinker" - a family company with more than 150 years of experience in manufacturing of bricks offer retro façade decorative bricks  that differ from the aged "Nelissen" bricks in their content and shape. These clinker bricks, unlike the aged bricks by "Nelissen", do not contain sand. Façade decoration brick is perforated in order to reduce its weight and improve heat insulation properties which is important for façade decoration materials. The decorative, perforated clinker brick has three façade surfaces - two ends and a front surface. The size of the classic retro brick is 240x71x115 mm, but other different sizes are available too. Brick is a universal construction material featuring most of the properties needed for construction, that is also a naturally clean material. It contains only clay and water while the properties of the brick are obtained thanks to optical processing. After burning process, structure of the clay material becomes dense without any cavities. Surface of façade decoration bricks may be matte, smooth, glazed, rugged as well as aged or in various tones of smooth. The surface of the brick shall not blemish or wear over time because of the colour of the brick is obtained by mixing various types of clay and as a result of using different burning temperatures.

Brick are supplied with lorries to the construction site from factories in Germany and Belgium. By visiting our office at Unijas iela 6, Riga, you will be able to review and select the most fitting solution from the wide range of products avaivable. The colors of façade bricks in computer screens and paper catalog sometimes slightly differ from the actual ones thus before making the purchase, it is recommended to see the bricks in person. Our offices have samples for more than a hundred collections of various color or color combination bricks. Decorative bricks are located in factory warehouses in Germany and Belgium with delivery being performed within two weeks.