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For the purposes of heat insulation, brick tile façades include foam polystyrene, polyurethane, neopor and mineral cotton.  Our offer includes whole ready-made façade sheets with polyurethane heat insulation or with EPS, XPS, Neopora, mineral cotton heat insulation sheets with industrially created guides for quick, precise and comfortable attachment of brick tiles. In line with the modern regulations, when insulating the roof we obtain 10% heat loss reduction, but for windows - 15%. The highest heat loss takes place through walls - up to 30%. In order to reduce heat loss via wall, the world has been using heat insulation systems for more than 50 years. Walls are insulated with insulation sheets that are covered with the protective, decorative layer - for example, for brick tiles. Wall insulation allows saving funds for building heating and creates a comfortable environment which increases the service life of the building and increases its value. Light heat insulation materials with high frost resistance and low heat transfer are used not only for construction of new buildings but also for renovation of exist.

Advantages of a heat insulated building:

1. Gas, electric and other heating economy of 1.5 - 2 times.

2. Stabilisation of the premise internal climate and comfort conditions. During the winter, it will be warmer in the building, while in the summer the building shall not heat up so much.

3. The acoustic insulation of the building increases also with correct heat insulation.

4. Protection of house façade against weather influence and temperature fluctuations increases the service life ot the building as well as it reduces the necessary amount of repairs and costs thereof.

5. Improvement of façade appearance increases the sales value of the house.


Brick tile insulation system

Façade panels

Isoklinker façade panels are a composite system - combination of heat insulation material -polyurethane pressed into sheets (with vapour permeability o 300mg/h) and a pressed quartz sand layer (6mm) as well as of natural clay clinker brick tiles. Façade clinker brick tile cover creates an impression of a capital brick house because tiles on the panel are pressed into the texture in accordance with brick overlapping rules in a real brick wall. Industrially manufactured sheets with dowels and drilling holes in seam areas are attached to the wall of the building. Special façade elements are created for the corners of the building as well as for decoration of window columns, sills and other similar areas. After the panels have been assembly, single brick tiles are attached to the remaining cavities in heat insulation. After assembly of the decoration, it is washed with a strong water jet after which all the seams are filled. The product has a 10 year warranty. When developing new construction projects, in order to reduce panel cutting amounts, one should consider the geometric sizes of the elements in the system. This system is most suitable for structures with wide surface areas such as sports centres and supermarkets. While for buildings with many windows, door columns, corners and protrusions characteristic to private houses and multi-flat buildings, it is more beneficial to use the Fugenleit-System which offers heat insulation with guiding lines for attachment of brick tiles.