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Terrace tiles

Teriotec X

Terrace tiles excel with surface strength

Tiling of modern terraces with German ceramic products provides extra safety. The old problem when the terrace tiles themselves are prone to stratification or complete detachment from the foundation has been solved. The extruded German ceramic tiles contain capillary cavities that remove the moisture and thus the terraces and floors may be safely used for outdoor purposes. Terrace tiles today may be very large as well - reaching 40 x 80 cm. Also in terms of thickness, floor tiles may reach up to 35 mm. Terrace and path tiling with the use of special ceramic tiles in thickness of 20 - 35 mm no longer requires a concreted base. These can be laid straight on top of the prepared mineral surface similar to the concrete or clinker cobblestone. When used on pedestrian path, the terrace tiles shall provide a completely different visual appearance, range of colors, but repair or planning changes shall be easy to implement. German terrace and floor tiles are frost resistant and non-slippery. Terrace tiles are covered with Stroher GmbH developed special hard glazing which does not allow greening of the surface. Also fat and red wine stains can be easily washed. Terrace tiles excel in high surface durability. Wear, scratch and splitting shall not be observed for Stroher ceramic terrace tiles. Stroher is a German manufacturer producing extruded, frost resistant ceramic floor and terrace tiles with frost resistance guarantee of 25 years.