Stroher Zeitlos 1925 erdfeuer / Zeitlos 356 erdfeuer

Stroher Zeitlos 1925 erdfeuer / Zeitlos 356 erdfeuer

Series: Zeitlos

Tags: Stroher Zeitlos 1925 erdfeuer / Zeitlos 356 erdfeuer, 356 erdfeuer, Strõher brick tiles

Stroher brick tiles are available in:

NF (240mmx71mmx14mm). 

DF (240mmx71mmx14mm).

The high tech patina brickslip in sintered clinker quality and premium strength.

Archaic appearance with dimensional precision for easy laying, energy-aware faced masonry look.

Brick expressionism: old exposed brickwork is having a renaissance. It is almost as if we are happy to have facades crumbling both inside and out. Also mixed.

Two high-end sizes in long format 400 × 71 mm and bar shape 400 × 35 mm as well as in NF format and DF format allow this trend look. Zeitlos, the extra strong 14 mm thick patina brick slip in quality frost-proof high-tech extruded sinter quality.

There are all sorts of different placing options with variable joint widths and individually customised colour ranges based on eleven tailored colour tones providing lots of unique styles. Even with its natural edges, Zeitlos is safe to apply and easy-care, making it right on trend for facade design even when it comes to the environment, energy and costs.

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