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Industrial tiles

In industrial production and public spaces tile slip factor and mechanical strength is required to be observed in both; the designers and builders. We offer German company "Stroher" industrial floor ceramic tiles which are designed to handle severe operating conditions, chemically aggressive environment, fat, grease, water and high friction. We offer tiles that are water proof, coloring proof and grease proof. Acids, alkalis and other chemical substances are harmless to these tiles. Various smooth and structured surface roughness makes it possible to create a floor according to clients necessities. Anti-slip tile indicator is essential safety requirement for public and industrial floors.

R9 corresponds with entrance areas, stairs, medical facility entrances/waiting rooms, offices, guest rooms, etc. R10 corresponds with restaurants, coffee shops, restrooms (wc-waterclosets), schools, shops, shopping malls, warehouses, laboratories, etc. R11 corresponds with any kind of production floors like beverage packing rooms, catering, mechanical workshops, car garages, stone and glass processing workshops, laundry rooms, ect. R12 corresponds with rooms that are under freezing temperatures, purification plant rooms, ramps, swiming pools and shower rooms, dairy and food industry workshops. R13 corresponds with meet, fish and vegetable processing manufactories, fat and grease processing factories and other areas with higher security requirements.

Before choosing tiles make sure they will fit your requirements and conditions of work.