Industrial tiles

Heavy duty ceramic industrial tiles

Industrial tiles are usually used under conditions where there's a necessity for surfaces with a high resistance to pressure as well as all sorts of chemical substances (such as oils, acids, fats). The titles can also be used for environments where it's important to provide a good traction as well as an anti-slip surface. Such surfaces can be required in facilities like production floors, storage rooms, communal room, store, car repair shops, in food and chemical manufacturing and even hospitals and schools. Industrial tiles are easy to clean and maintain, as they feature a special, endurant enamel that provides resistance to wear. The tiles made for industry do not suck up oils, fat, colorants. They also no not get damaged under the influence of alkali, acids and other chemical compounds. The roughness of the various variants makes it possible to create a floor that meets the necessary performance for anti-slip requirements. Industrial tiles are fitted with elements for interior improvement such as steps, skirting boards, corners, drains etc. The variety of colors, in turn, allows for the room to be aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically designed.